What is @halifaxnoise?

We made halifaxnoise in the late 90’s because there wasn’t anywhere online to easily see what was going on around town.

15+ years later there still wasn’t really an easy to way to figure out what was going on, so, @halifaxnoise is back.

It used to be a website, now it’s mostly a social media project — with over 180k followers on Instagram + twitter + facebook.
Let me know what I’m missing.

How do I get my event “featured”?

There are a few ways,
you can buy a spot (see ad info).
co promo your event with me.
or maybe give me tickets, or do a contest with me or something.
I’m open to ideas.

or maybe you’re just rad and you’re having a cool event, invite me so I know it’s happening. email me facebook event links.


The main reason people come here is because they’re looking for something to do, somewhere to go, or something to eat … you can only netflix & chill so much before you need to leave the house, or order food.

Contact halifaxnoise@gmail.com for ad info on @halifaxnoise, @halifaxnoiseFood, @halifaxnoiseathome, @halifaxnoiseJobs, @halifaxnoiseKIDS, @halifaxnoiseTV, @noiseNB, @noisePEI, etc.


Super flexible, pretty down for whatever & can work out something fun with almost everyone, so let me know what you have in mind.

Street Team

If you’re really into halifaxnoise and you some flyers/pins/stickers at your school or store or airbnb or venue or whatever email me.

halifaxnoise@gmail.com  @halifaxnoise @kateross